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Oak & Io

Individualized support for your native landscape projects
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Our service includes:

A personal consultation at your home or property
Recommended native plants that will thrive in the space
List of trusted nurseries where you can purchase your native plants
Steps to make your property friendly and safe for wildlife & birds
Optional landscape design services

About Our Name

As a group, oak trees support the largest diversity of insects, butterflies, and birds. If you can only plant one tree, choose an oak tree. We can help you choose which one.
The Io moth is one of hundreds of species that rely on oak trees for survival. Relationships between insects and plants tend to be specialized. Selecting a variety of host plants is the key to welcoming nature into your yard.

I absolutely loved working with Sarah! The wealth of knowledge she has pertaining to native plants is just amazing, but the way she explained everything wasn’t “over my head." Landscaping and design can be overwhelming, but Oak & Io has made this so manageable that I can’t wait to start. Thank you again!

Laura Dean

I knew I wanted native plants, but finding time and resources to execute that vague plan has proven difficult. When I learned about Oak & Io, I was so excited! Sarah is fun and easy to work with, and I was impressed with her knowledge. Her questions were thoughtful and her observations were accurate. The report and design I received were beautiful, easy to read, and included helpful details on planting and care. Hiring Oak & Io was a great value with excellent return!

Jen Stoll